BlackBerry Playbook Price Could be $399

One of the unknowns about the BlackBerry Playbook is its price. All we have officially heard so far is that it will be priced at under $500. What that exactly means is that it could range from anywhere at $499.99 and below.

A website called Mobility Insider claims today to have received specific information relating to the price. That claim says it will cost $399 when launched which is not a bad drop below the $500 ceiling price.

One problem with where the number comes from is that no sources have been cited other than the person who revealed the price had first hand knowledge of RIM’s plans.

As well as revealing the Playbook price, the website also claims that the tablet will also come in three different capacities that include an 8GB model (priced at $399) on to 16GB and 32GB models with price tags of $499 and $599 respectively.

As for connectivity, each of the models will be WiFi only with data connectivity on a cellular network provided through a BlackBerry smartphone tethered (wired or wirelessly) to the Playbook.

What are your thoughts on prices? Is a $100 step up too much for each of the increases in capacity? Do you want a cellular data connection in there? or is WiFi and a tethered smartphone enough for you to get online when you need to.

Out of most of the other iPad competitors that have launched, RIM looks set to be one of the bigger players who is in with a chance here.

We should find out more when the device is launched sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Via: BGR and Mobility Insider

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