RIM BlackBerry Playbook to Cost Less than $500

In a recent interview, RIM indicated that the new BlackBerry Playbook tablet would be priced at less than $500 when it launches in the US in the first quarter of 2011.

The 7 inch tablet was announced recently along with a rough launch date estimate although up till now, no prices have been known. We still are yet to get an exact price, but what was said is that it would be very competitively priced at below $500.

After launching in Q1 2011 in the US, the second quarter of the year will see a more international launch around the globe.

The worry now of course is getting the tablet out as quick as possible. The 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tab has now been launched and of course, the iPad could be going on to its second generation any time between now and April next year. Also, we expect to see a good number of tablets at CES in the next couple of months which will further add competition to the market.

Via: Bloomberg

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