BlackBerry OS 6 on BlackBerry 9800 Video Walk-through

First off, an apology to those who cannot watch the video below. It is restricted to certain regions. If you can view it then there’s around 16 minutes of video walking through the new BlackBerry OS 6. The video shows the new BlackBerry 9800 running OS 6 and over at IntoMobile, there are also a bunch of fresh pictures showing the slider phone and the new OS up close.

BlackBerry [RIMM] looks to be doing a good job with OS 6 making the operating system better than previous versions. A few things to note is that there is no SurePress. A T-Mobile [DT] SIM card is running inside and some of the technical specs show that the 9800 will have 4GB of storage built in along with 512MB of RAM. Wireless 802.11n will also be included.

If you cannot view the video then head on over to IntoMobile who have a complete run down of what’s in the video. Also a number of photos are over at the IntoMobile site for those interested in looking closer at the device. If we find it on YouTube we’ll modify it below so all can see it.

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