Blackberry 6.0 Screenshots Unveiled

Screenshots of the Blackberry OS 6.0 have been revealed that show a number of new details that users can expect when the OS finally launches.

Some of the key features that Blackberry OS 6.0 brings to the devices is multitouch in the browser. A tab switcher has also been included in the browser allowing you to easily switch between web pages.

The OS has been redone to look a little more impressive. The screen shots over on BGR also show off a new media player which looks quite good from what we see.

Other features included are system-wide kinetic scrolling with rubberbanding allowing for a more fluid scroll when going through lists, webpages and any other sort of list like messages, contacts etc… Multi-touch also works out of the browser allowing pinch and zoom to work in various locations around the OS including photos.

The email system has been overhauled by making it look more modern as well as being a little cleaner. Larger thumbnails can be seen next to messages to show what type of message you are viewing, ie, Twitter, Facebook or an email.

The homescreen is customisable as detailed here… “it appears RIM has made the homescreen completely customizable with pages. You can have your applications on the main page, then slide left or right to another page with different applications and browse that way. In the homescreen screenshot above, you’ll see a sliding field towards the bottom, and you can slide that up, and reveal the first page of applications, and you can then slide that to show the different groups which correspond to the different homescreen page. Favorites, all, home, etc.”

BGR have the full details on the new OS which we believe will launch in the next 2 to 3 months surprisingly.


  1. Looks good but don’t know yet !

  2. How do u download this thing for blackberry please help me

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