BlackBerry Colt QNX Device To Launch in Q1 2012

RIM will be launching a new BlackBerry sometime in the first quarter of 2012 BGR reports. The new device will not run the regular BlackBerry OS (currently on version 7), but instead will run QNX.

The new device has been codenamed the BlackBerry Colt and when launched, will bring the QNX OS to the smartphone. However, there are a few cut backs that might be made.

The first draw back of the QNX device is that RIM is likely to use a single-core processor inside to help with battery life. Compare this to the dual-core devices we are seeing now (and soon to be quad-core) we could see the device a little underpowered. But, on the PlayBook we have seen QNX run very well which means we will likely see the same on the smartphone.

The BlackBerry Colt is also believed to ship with ActiveSync out of the box as RIM is apparently having problems with BES code for the QNX OS.

Exact release dates are not known other that RIM will be launching in Q1 next year assuming tests are successful.

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