Barnes & Noble Nook Review Roundup

bn-nookA number of Gadget blogs managed to get their hands on a Barnes & Noble Nook for review this weekend. On Saturday we mentioned that the Nook was reported to have some lag on the colour screen and unfortunately the reviews seem to indicate the same issues in that there is a lot of lag causing the wrong things to load up along as the force close message seen on Android based phones.

The Nook is unique in that it has a smaller colour screen to allows you to flick through your library of books and tap on the screen to launch them on to the main e-ink screen. The smaller capacitive touch screen measures 3.5 inches while the larger e-ink screen measures 6 inches and is capable of displaying up to 16 shades of gray.

For connectivity you have the option of Wireless at 802.11b/g as well as an AT&T 3G radio allowing you to connect over the AT&T network so you can download books while on the move.

The Nook Review done at Engadget says that most of the problems appear to be software based with Barnes & Noble’s pople mentioning that an OTA update will fix this soon.

Gizmodo say… “In its 1.0 implementation, Nook is not as fast or as smooth as it should be, but already it’s showing that the second screen is not a gimmick.”

Slashgear also have more thoughts on the Nook after giving it a lengthy review.

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