Barnes & Noble Nook gets Hands-On

nook-hands-onA tipster managed to supply Engadget with some hands on pictures of the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader. Although the eReader looks great, problems have been reported with a laggy Android interface.

Regarding the lag between the Android interface and e-ink display, the tipster mentioned that all he wanted to do was use the e-ink display as a touchscreen. The colour screen is small and he said although a nice idea, he wanted to get away from using it quickly.

In store WiFi browsing was also confirmed to arrive in 2010 where you can browse books cover to cover. Previously it had been indicated that cover to cover browsing was unlimited, but now there is a 1 hour cap as indicated in the manual.

For more details of the Nook and a few more close up shots with comparisons, check out Engadget.

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