AT&T Hit with iPhone 4 Pre-order Security Issues

For those ordering the iPhone 4 in the US yesterday, you’ll probably be more than aware of the issues that arose from trying to make a simple order. Some are reporting that they tried for up to 3 hours trying to get a pre-order through while others are now also indicating that they saw other peoples accounts when completing the order process.

This news follows an incident last week where 114,000 email addresses were made available of iPad 3G customers. This was also a security fault at AT&T.

AT&T are unable to recreate what has happened to customers but did say that nobody saw any credit card details, addresses or social security numbers. Either way, it’s a pretty big mess up on their behalf.

On to the UK, the problems we saw over here were just server issues and there have been no reports of issues with security and accessing others accounts. There have been complaints in the way of the whole launch though which are as follows…

All the main problems we hear of in the UK is the confusion of what’s going on with iPhone 4 carriers who have yet to launch pre-orders and pricing details. Some networks are even reporting that you wont be able to get a microSIM for your iPhone 4 till after the launch while other networks don’t even know what a microSIM card is yet. This problem and the fact that Apple has now moved the delivery date for new pre-orders to July 2 is irritating a few people.

I am sure Apple will announce all carrier pricing in the 11th hour, but it doesn’t help when networks are clueless to whats happening.

Via: Yahoo

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