ASUS Eee 1005PE Gets Atom N450 and 14 Hour Battery Life

ASUS had a number of new netbooks on display at CES this year that included the ASUS Eee 1005PE model. What makes this model stand out is it’s impressive 14 hour battery life. The reason for the increase is down to the new Intel Atom N450 processor that the 1005PE uses that requires less power to run, thus allowing for longer usage between charges.

The ASUS 1005PE follows on from the excellent selling 1005HA model. It has a 10.1 inch LCD screen that can display 1024×600 pixels. The Intel Atom N450 processor runs at 1.66GHz and the netbook has 1GB of DDR2 memory installed that can be upgraded to 2GB if desired.

For storage ASUS mark it down as having 750GB of hybrid storage which essentially means that a lot of it is online storage. The 1005PE it’s self has a 250GB SATA drive installed and the 750GB is made up of the 250GB physical storage along with 500GB online storage.

The keyboard measures 92% and is chiclet style. A 0.3 megapixel camera can be found above the screen just like most other netbooks. The 1005PE runs the Windows 7 Starter edition operating system.

Overall it has some pros and cons. Pros are the stupidly good battery life which is claimed to be 14 hours although I suspect it will be difficult to reach that. At any rate, whatever you manage to get will be very good. It also has a decent sized keyboard and screen as well as a fairly decent processor for general usage. However, it’s not going to astound you on the 3D gaming front.

The ASUS 1005PE is available in various stores currently priced as follows…
Amazon – $368.59
Various eBay Stores for $379.99 (depending on which store you select)

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