ASUS ECleaner Robot Vacuum Revealed

A few robotic vacuums have shown up this last week with LG creating the RoboKing, Neato creating the Neato XV11 both of which are set to tackle the Roomba. ASUS have also revealed a new robot vacuum called the ECleaner which also is aimed at tackling the automatic home cleaning section of the market.

The ECleaner ads another feature to automated vacuuming by adding a 6000 hour UV light that is used to disinfect the floor and emit fragrances.

The ASUS ECleaner uses a pre-programmed system to clean the floor that randomises where the vacuum goes adjusting cleaning patterns to get a decent clean. Also the usual photo sensors can be found to prevent it taking a jump down the stairs. The good part is the price which sees it coming in at around $150 when launched which puts in relatively cheap compared to more expensive models.

The vacuum comes with a dock where the ECleaner automatically returns to. Also a remote control is also fitted on top allowing you to set it off going when needed.

It is not clear when the ASUS ECleaner will be launched, but looking at the video below it seems that it’s ready for launch any time soon… perhaps details will be available at CES.

Via: GizmoWatch


  1. Its a good robot vacuum, simple, easy to use, with a funny design!

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