Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on PS3 to get Exclusive Rights to DLC

Its seems like for once the PlayStation 3 is getting the one-up over the Xbox 360 this time round. When Fallout 3 released, PS3 gamers had to wait a considerable amount of time before DLC was eventually released for the system. Then we here the same thing will be happening with DLC yet to be released for Fallout: New Vegas.

Well as far as the relationship between Sony and Ubisoft is concerned, things couldn’t get much better. First of all Sony sealed a deal with Ubisoft to provide a beta-testing phase for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood to showcase the game’s new multiplayer content. Now the PS3 is set to be receiving new downloadable content for the game post release, which will be free too.

The freebie DLC has been named Copernicus Conspiracy and will be available upon release day when the game arrives.

If you’re up on your history you’ll know that Copernicus was the guy who brought about the theory that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. Obviously this brain-wave of a theory was met by severe criticism. Here’s where Ezio comes in, to help protect Copernicus from, well, death at the hands of those who would wish him harm and to dissolve his ‘outrageous’ claim.

How long Xbox gamers will have to wait for the add-on is anyone’s guess but no confirmations at present. We’ll let you know when we do.


  1. Of course it will be a long time, and buy the time it comes to xbox, most players will have set the game back down and moved on to another hit like Black Ops or Fable 3. Seems like a bad deal to make unless the Multiplayer is as addicting as it is claimed to be, we shall not know. Multiplayer is one thing for a one console release, but I think they would make more money releasing it to both systems. Many players may not pick the game back up just for new DLC that might be a while before it comes. But not my choice and for all I know I could be wrong. But up against black ops at a time like this in the economy you’d think they’d do anything to get people to buy their game for all the consoles. Free or cheap DLC could very easily tip the scale towards buying ACB before black ops to some people. Being a long time fan I’ll get ACB before black ops, but I will say I am disappointed to have the wrong system for this release it seems.

  2. I think all console owners need to beaware of is that game developers do not perfer one system over another except for in house studios. Games and dlc”s have regional targets and as of right now games like assassin’s creed simply sell more overseas where as first person shooters sell in america hence dlc for black ops going to the 360 and extra content to ps3. the american gamer is overwhelming 360 (compare sells.) and domestic game developers do not and will not take a chance on angering a huge part of what keeps them in business. we know for a fact that a developer such as bioware, bungie, 2k marin and epic aswell as bethesda can and did become very rich and successful developing strickly for the xbox360 after all those houses were built by the 360. I look forward to developers being successful on ither the 360 or the ps3 because it simply means that both 360 and ps3 owners will recieve the fruit that they grew and we will see great games developed by these developers (dragon age) (bioshock 2)(bulletstorm)(bungie coming soon)and released on all cosoles. as far as dlc’s are concerned it all equals out 360 owners will get some dlc’s on one game and the ps3 will get them on another game by the same developer. it’s regional not personal.

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