Asphalt 5 on Nokia N8 Video Demo

The Nokia N8 looks to be quite a nice smartphone despite the early review of a leaked model.

The video below was provided by Gameloft and shows Asphalt 5 running on the Nokia smartphone. If real, it looks quite amazing. We just mentioned “if real” in that SlashGear rightly point out that the game “might” be rendered or perhaps not showing it actually on a Nokia N8. There are no disclaimers to say other wise, so perhaps it is the real deal.

The game includes 29 cars and 12 locations to race on giving quite a lot of depth to the racing game.

The Nokia N8 isn’t due out for another few months yet with a launch date of August 25 being announced recently. Although that’s still a while away, we still quite like the look of the phone and want to see how good it is and if it can tackle the likes of the iPhone and other Android devices. My guess is that it wont be on par with those devices, but that it will come closer than Nokia has for a while now.

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