Apple Tablet Prototype Spotted by Analyst

Apple-TabletOver the last few months we have seen the occasional rumour about the upcoming Apple Tablet (if that’s what it’s going to be called). Rumours seem to be getting more frequent now and the most recent one claims that an analyst (anonymous) has seen the tablet with his own eyes.

No details were revealed about the Apple Tablet and previous to this information we can only guess that it will feature a 10″ screen and basically look like a large iPod Touch with multimedia specialities.

It seems like the Apple Tablet will be introduced next month in September and plan to have a pre Christmas launch in November.

‘One veteran analyst who has seen first-hand a prototype slate-style computer from Apple says the device could be announced in September for release in November, the story reads. ‘Whatever the exact dates, the computer industry is so anxious to see what Apple introduces that it has held off on competing designs until Apple CEO Steve Jobs gives the device his final blessing.

Although it’s all a bit odd having some random analyst who wants to remain anonymous claiming to have seen a prototype but doesn’t want to share anything about it except for maybe saying “I’ve seen it”, I still think there is a tablet coming out soon from Apple. I’m just not sure I believe an anonymous analyst has seen it.

Lets still hope there is an Apple Tablet coming this year! Via: Wired

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