Apple Tablet Fake Spotted

apple_tablet_fake_videoAlthough we are looking at another fake here, it’s still a cool fake at that. We are not 100% sure it is fake as you never really know till the official announcement, but lets call it high 99%.

The Apple Tablet videoed below shows a sleek and slim device that has coverflow functionality along with a very fast interface. The problem with the interface is that it might be a little too smooth and perhaps not an interface at all (maybe just a video for demo).

A look at the video also shows some kind of Ikea interface where you can drag and drop new colours on to a kitchen for example. It all just seems too perfect, and at the end of the day I don’t think Ikea would be the first usage to get a demo.

If Apple [AAPL] could make a device to look like this and be as sleek as this then they would certainly be on to a winner. Latest rumours talk of a March 2010 launch, so perhaps we only have a few more months left of waiting.

Via: SlashGear

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