Rumor: Apple Tablet Arriving March 2010

apple-tabletRumours are floating around again about the Apple Tablet which previously was “scheduled” for the second half of 2010. The new rumour says it’s actually arriving in March 2010.

According to this rumour the device will have a 10.1 inch touchscreen LCD display that will be LTPS rather than OLED that was previously mentioned. LTPS means Low Temperature Poly Silicone in case you were wondering.

Other information says the Apple Tablet will have a 64GB SSD installed for storage.

Rumour also says that Apple have turned to publishers to start delivering content to the tablet which we have seen information on before. As with all rumours though, we aren’t too interested till we get some official information on the device, perhaps in the next month or so if they are looking at a March 2010 launch.

Via: Cult of Mac, Geeky Gadgets and Mac Predictions


  1. Apple Tablet says

    64gb hard drive space, that sounds good. This is the first I’ve heard of a hard drive spec. The technology is finally ripe enough for SSD drives.

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