Apple Store iPhone 4 Demo Unit Jailbroken

The iPhone 4 jailbreak launched yesterday and along with that launch came an even easier way to jailbreak your device. Rather than downloading an app on to your PC or Mac, you simply visit a website in Safari on your iPhone 4, slide a slide to jailbreak button and away it goes.

This simple approach to jailbreaking the iPhone 4 means that even the in store demo units at Apple stores can be jailbroken as demoed in the video below.

The jailbreak was done by an Apple [AAPL] fan who visited a local Apple store and captured the whole process on camera.

It isn’t known how quick Apple will figure out that a demo unit is jailbroken, but we suspect it will be restored rather quickly and that Apple will also send out a memo for all staff members to check display phones every day for jailbreaks.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Sahachiel says

    On past days many blogs fully described the new method created by @comex for jailbreaking your apple device with iOS (JailbreakMe 2.0).
    Now then, everyone seems to avoid comment the fact that is not just a merely “wonderful method” to perform a jailbreak, but also a window (no pun intended) to expose that iOS has an extremely dangerous security risk.
    This bug is caused by the pdf viewer embedded in Safari Mobile, and through that “door” anyone with enough knowledge may execute code remotely without the user even notice.
    I don’t think this tool will be allowed to stay functional by Apple, unless @comex and the rest of the Dev-Team find a similar new hole to continue working on.

  2. Enoch Cheng says

    I did this! no joke and its no longer jailbroken

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