Apple Mac Pro with 12-Cores Now Available

Apple [AAPL] took the Apple store down briefly earlier today so that the Apple Mac Pro with 12 cores could be added.

The cheapest Mac Pro you can pick up has a starting price of $2,499 (quad-core model) with the 12-core version going up to a starting price of $4,999. For that price you get two 6-core 2.66GHz Intel Xeon Westmere processors along with 6GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive on the basic spec.

If you want to max out the whole order then expect a bill of $25,673.85 for all the available options should you have a bit of spare change in your pocket.

Crunch Gear mentions at the top price of almost $26K you at least get the Apple Battery Charger. We guess it’s all good then.

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