Apple Battery Charger Official

As well as introducing the Apple Magic Trackpad today, Apple [AAPL] also introduced a simple battery charger. The battery charger has been designed to be more efficient and is optimised for Apple-supplied batteries.

The battery charger has a system built in that allows the power needed to be reduced once the batteries are fully charged. Apple claim it is one of the most energy-efficient battery chargers available.

As well as working with the supplied batteries, you can also use any regular AA NiMH batteries inside it and it will also successfully charge them with the same energy efficient settings.

Each charge comes supplied with six NiMH batteries. The six batteries supplied are used for two in a keyboard, two in a mouse or trackpad and two left charging as a backup.

The Apple Battery Charger has the lowest ‘vampire draw of any similar charger on the market. That’s the energy that most chargers continue to draw even after their batteries are done charging. Unlike other chargers, the Apple Battery Charger senses when a battery charge cycle is complete and automatically reduces the amount of power it uses to 30 milliwatts ” more than 10 times better than the industry average.

The charger is available now and costs $29 with the six batteries over at Apple.

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