Apple Patent shows “Concert Ticket +” Application

Apple [AAPL] have filed a detailed patent that shows they want to get in to the Concert event tickets business. From what we see they are creating a new application to be called “Concert Ticket +” that works in conjunction with Apple iTunes and eliminates the need for paper tickets.

The system is designed to enhance the concert ticket buying process and from what we can gather, will provide access to live recordings of concerts you have attended, allow access to theme parks and other large events as well as let you know when concerts are happening nearby.

The system shows that users can store tickets on the iPhone for use at a concert. By possibly using NFC, ie near field communications with RFID tags, it would allow the iPhone, or other device to be used to authorise entry.

It also appears that if you are listening to a track on iTunes that the service can alert you to know what concerts are on by a particular or similar artist within the area and by logging on to the system with your iPhone it appears that tickets can be easily booked.

Back to the NFC mentioned earlier, it appears like this could be a new feature of the next iPhone in that it has an RFID tag inside allowing smart payments to be made as well as authoring entry to concerts with this application.

Patently Apple have a huge write up about the Concert Ticket + patent, so check it out now.

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