Apple iPhone HD Concept new name for iPhone 4G?

According to the YouTube video linked below, the iPhone 4G could be called the Apple iPhone HD. The Youtube user who uploaded the video says “New iPhone HD ad from Apple” in his comments although from what we see it seems a little fake to be honest.

If Apple were to design the new iPhone to look like this it would be the first major shift to a different design since the original iPhone was launched. Since launch the only changes that have been made to the device are making it a bit thinner as well as a few other slight changes on the casing. Other than that it’s almost the same.

Although I don’t personally believe it’s the next gen iPhone I do believe some of the features seen in the video could well be included in the next generation iPhone.

Some things that make it stand out as being a fake is first of the Apple logo looking a bit wrong. Also it isn’t as sleek as the current iPhone and has a slightly bulbous back.

What we are hoping for in the new iPhone hardware is a better camera, video calls, improved screen, decent battery life, multitasking and of course a better battery.

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