O2 Confirm Apple iPhone 4G Video Calls, or just a mistake?

O2 released new calling plans last week called Simplicity. Within those plans it has been noticed that the iPhone specific calling plans mention video calling being priced at the same price as regular voice calls. Perhaps it’s just a mistake in that “if the iPhone could do video calls then it would cost the same as a voice call”. However, this mixed with details in the latest SDK indicate that the Apple iPhone 4G could perhaps have a front facing video camera to make video calls.

These rumours are starting again due to a patent that was filed by Apple [AAPL] that showed a new iPhone 4G device with a camera in the top of the bezel which would have that purpose.

Of course this is all just speculation again and to be honest we’ve had video calls for a number of years in the UK and they never really took off on a large scale, so if the iPhone was to get video calling then you really have to ask is it just something that would pointlessly bump up the price of the device? Do we really need it?

Via: FSM

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