Apple iPhone 4G to Launch in June – Rumour due to AT&T Blocking Holiday

This year it seems like Apple [AAPL] are actually going to launch the iPhone 4G a little earlier in June if a mixture of rumours and AT&T sources are to be believed.

The reason we think the iPhone 4G is coming in June is due to AT&T sources saying that the carrier has put a block on staff taking vacations in June (normally July in previous years). According to BGR, the only time Apple do a complete block on vacations like this is when a new iPhone is about to launch.

What we don’t understand is why the block is a month early unless the iPhone 4G is launching as soon as the announcement has been made (which we believe is June 22) and then carries on through the end of June in to July.

We’ll find out more closer to the date, even probably on the day knowing Apple, so carry on waiting for a few more weeks.

The above picture is supposed to be a leaked shot of the back of an iPhone 4G although it’s authenticity was shot down when another associated pictured looked highly photoshopped.

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