Apple iPhone 4G Could launch June 21

Apple [AAPL] is more than likely going to announce the Apple iPhone 4G early next month. We are currently hearing that AT&T [T] are making changes to customer upgrades bringing the eligibility dates from November 21 2010 over to June 21 2010 knocking 5 months off the contract terms.

This is causing speculation that AT&T are going to allow customers of the iPhone 3GS to upgrade to the iPhone 4G on June 21.

Last year caused a number of headaches for AT&T with customers complaining that they couldn’t upgrade to the 3GS from the 3G unless buying themselves out of the contract they had signed. It seems like AT&T are backing down here by allowing 3GS users to upgrade to the latest iPhone.

Of course we are merely speculating at the moment as confirmation hasn’t arrived yet from Apple that a new iPhone is launching next month and what AT&T are planning to do when it launches. However, all the evidence and iPhone leaks in recent times seems to indicate that we could indeed see a new iPhone 4G next month.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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