Apple iPhone 4G Fan Made Rendering – or maybe Apple iPhone HD

The Apple iPhone HD (or iPhone 4G) will more than likely be announced later this year. As usual when the June event happens we start to see some renderings of what people believe the next iteration of the iPhone will look like.

Some people call it the iPhone 4G although some are saying it will more than likely be the iPhone HD due to a higher res screen and not to confuse the 4G, as in forth generation, with 4G mobile phone networks.

The image above (and larger below) was created by Graham Bower of MacPredictions who appears to have been inspired by the black 3G bar found on the back of an Apple iPad. The mockup shows a large touchscreen with front facing camera and appears to have more defined edges than the iPhone 3G S and other models.

We heard earlier today about Daring Fireball making predictions (that often are true) saying that the iPhone will get the new A4 CPU system on a chip setup and have a large 960 x 640 resolution screen. It is expected to run the latest iPhone OS which is believed to be version iPhone OS 4 which is believed to enable third-party multi-tasking. Also a front facing camera is also rumoured to be added to the next iteration of the Apple [AAPL] iPhone.

Via: Wired

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