Apple iPhone HD Coming Soon – The Apple iPhone 4G Handset

WSJ are reporting that an Apple iPhone will be launched this year. In fact, they actually mention two iPhones are launching this year with one being a version specifically built to work on the Verizon [VZ] network. It is expected that both models will run the exact same features other than the compatibility of what networks they actually work on although the CDMA model for Verizon actually might be just an older 3G S version of the phone. This point isn’t clear just yet.

Although rumours have been around a while now about a new iPhone arriving from Apple [AAPL] this year, they have been based on the fact that Apple have launched a new iPhone every year since it’s initial launch. Now that WSJ say it’s happening we almost know for sure that this will happen.

The new iPhone is believed to be called the Apple iPhone HD rather than the iPhone 4G and focus on a larger resolution screen. John Gruber who often predicts upcoming Apple products says that the Apple iPhone HD will run an A4-class SoC and have a 960×640 pixel display. A front facing camera is also predicted and the OS is expected to be be the new Apple iPhone OS 4.0 which enables third party multitasking.

The phones themselves are to be built by Hon Hai Precision Industry who have built all previous versions of the phone. The CDMA iPhone is said to be built by Pegatron Technology.

If the WSJ are correct in predicting or finding out about a second iPhone being built then it would also end the AT&T exclusive agreement on the phone. Of course the Verizon model still might be an older 3G S, but at least another network will offer a phone in the iPhone series.

We’ll update you with more details as we receive them.

Via: Engadget and Gaj-It

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