Apple iPhone 4G to get Custom Processor – Rumour

Today has been quite a day for the Apple iPhone 4G due to leaked pics earlier. We are hearing rumours at the moment that indicate the next gen Apple [AAPL] device will get a custom processor much like the iPad got the custom A4.

The rumour comes from an “anonymous executive” speaking to the Korea Times. It is understood that Samsung, who previously designed the chips are no longer in charge of this part (as in the design) and that Apple themselves are designing the chip with Samsung only building them.

It was already expected that Apple would put the A4 or a similar chip in to the iPhone 4G, so this rumour doesn’t really come as a surprise. We already know the chip works well on the iPad and can provide 720p video, so implementing it in to a phone that will use the same OS shouldn’t really be that much of a challenge (we at least hope).

On the downside, we are hearing that if Apple do use the A4 then it might get under-clocked a little, perhaps to save battery life. We all know the iPad does well in the battery life area, but it does have two large batteries of which the iPhone 4G just wouldn’t have the space luxury of adding.

As we know, this is still all rumour, as are the leaked pics earlier of the iPhone 4G… we won’t find out for sure for another 2 months (June 22 we believe).

Via: SlashGear

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