Apple iPhone 3G runs Android 2.2

We have seen a few cases where an iPhone has been seen running Android. Normally the version of Android has been older like 1.5 or 1.6, but now we see an Apple iPhone 3G running the latest Android 2.2 built (Froyo).

Most features work on the port although Wi-Fi and audio does not at the moment. Calls and SMS messages can be made as well as web browsing. There is a problem though that when they say Android 2.2 runs on the iPhone 3G, it isn’t really usable in that battery life dies quite quickly, there is problems accessing the GPU and the iPhone runs very hot will running the 2.2 OS.

The iPhone used was running iPhone OS 3.1.2. To get this running yourself, full instructions can be found over at GadgetsDNA although we always recommend reading the instructions fully and also do this carefully to prevent bricking your phone.

The video below shows a demonstration of the port working.

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