Google Android for iPhone 3G Ready for Download

Just a few weeks ago we wrote about how someone had managed to get Google Android ported over to the Apple iPhone 2G where the OS was installed in a dual-boot mode.

Porting Google [GOOG] Android on to the iPhone 3G happened after that and now we hear that the Android download is ready for install on any jailbroke iPhone 3G.

Most features and functions work on the Android for iPhone build although it’s recommended that you do not use it for day to day use due to power management features not being full implemented. With these features not configured the iPhone battery can be drained within an hour.

It isn’t clear at the moment if the Android for iPhone builds will ever reach the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch or Apple iPad although we believe that the 3GS and iPod Touch builds are being worked on at the moment.

If you want to take these daring steps to get Android dual-booting with iPhone OS then take a look over on PC World where the full instructions have been created. Remember that messing with jailbroken devices can leave you with an expensive brick if you are not careful, so do this at your own risk and make sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

Via: Redmond Pie


  1. halmatafandi says

    i want google to download in iphone 3g

  2. halmatafandi says

    i want google in iphone 3g

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