Apple iPad to get WSJ – Murdoch Confirms

Confirmation of the WSJ heading to the Apple iPad has been given by Rupert Murdoch. An Apple iPhone application is already available and with the scaling that the iPad can do, that particular application should be able to run full screen. However, an iPad version is also being worked on so that the company can utilise the full resolution of the large screen. The app is currently under development.

The developers have managed to get hold of an Apple [AAPL] iPad although funnily enough it is locked down at night by lock and key, and to make things even crazier, the key is turned by an employee of Apple to make sure nobody sneaks the device home with them.

Although no official updates have been provided as to when the application will be first demoed, we’d expect to see some news about it within the next few weeks before the unofficial March 26 launch date.

To see what the Wired app could potentially look like for the iPad, check out this video that shows a rather slick interface for readers to check out content on. Hopefully other papers/news sources etc… follow this similar pattern of getting content to readers.

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