Apple iPad Store Screenshots Spotted

Yesterday we came across a number of Apple iPad apps that were showing up on the web based iTunes app store. Those items were quickly removed and no longer are listed there. However, someone managed to stumble across the Apple iPad feed for the app store and created this list of what the store will probably look like.

As with the leak yesterday (linked above) the leak also found yesterday (what we are posting here) shows various HD versions of software that are going to the iPad such as Labyrinth 2 and Flight Control.

Screenshots shown below show the app store and what it will look like along with pricing which incidentally shows apps being higher price which is understandable. Also it appears that those apps that have been specifically designed to work on the larger screen will also require that you repurchase the iPad version from what we understand. This might upset a few folk, but when Apple first presented the iPad it was mentioned that iPhone apps would work where they would be zoomed to fill the screen… those apps that have already been purchased won’t need to be repurchased from what we hear.

We should see the Apple [AAPL] iPad App Store integrated on Saturday in just a weeks time when the iPad finally launches.

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