Apple iPad approved App list Leaked

Padgadget have been hunting around the iTunes database recently where they uncovered some interesting details of applications that were available for download that looked to be tuned specifically for the Apple iPad. The hunt revealed that several apps were marked with HD at the end of their titles and when trying to download a message said that they were unavailable at the moment in a specific country.

The information didn’t come from the regular iTunes store or from the App Store on the Apple [AAPL] iPhone. Instead, padgadget were using the web based interface where the titles were mixed in with thousands of regular iPhone and iPod Touch titles.

Although only a handfull or two apps were found at the time (due to there being thousands upon thousands of apps which takes too long to hunt through), the titles which were found are listed below…

* Ammoin HD
* Azkend HD
* Flight Control HD
* Grind HD
* HD Recovery
* Labyrinth 2 HD
* NBA Hotshot HD
* Numba HD
* Plants vs. Zombie HD
* Sparkle HD
* Worms HD

See a screen shot below to see how they were listed within the regular iPhone apps.

It is unknown at the moment if this was just an accidental slip on the part of Apple whereby they put the apps in the regular listings. However, Apple have removed the listings now indicating that the list above could be the first set of apps that are made available.

We’ll have to wait till April 3 to see the apps in action on the nice large screen of the device. Only a little over a week to wait now!

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