Apple iPad with Spirit Jailbreak gets External HDD Support

When iPhone OS is jailbroke, a number of interesting things can be accomplished that were previously locked up by Apple [AAPL]. The latest new feature to be added is for the Apple iPad running OS 3.2 that has been jailbroke by Spirit. The user in the video below has successfully managed to use the iPad Camera Connection kit to connect up an external hard drive, mount it and access it from the iPad.

To achieve the external hard drive compatibility you’ll need any iPad along with an external hard drive, iPad Camera Connection kit, split USB cable for providing extra juice to the hard drive and some terminal software that allows you to mount the drive when needed.

By using SSH you can mount the external drive which then appears in a file manager on the iPad where you can choose to move, copy, paste, zip, email and use various other functions to manage the data.

It really points out some of the basics that the iPad lacks when things like this are accomplished. A demonstration is below showing how the system works with full details being found over at Maxwell Shay’s site.

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