Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit Ready for Pre-Order

Apple [AAPL] in the US now have the iPad Camera Connection Kit available for pre-order on their website with a price tag of $29. In that price you get a couple of iPad camera connection devices.

The first connector (30 pin of course) features a USB port allowing you to connect up either your digital camera or iPhone direct to the iPad. When connected an application automatically loads up displaying thumbs of images that are available on the camera or iPhone to download. You can then select what you want to copy over. Images are then synced with your PC or Mac is required.

The next connector is almost the same but instead of connecting the camera direct to the iPad it features an SD card slot allowing images to be read directly from the memory card containing pictures. The same app (Photos) is opened up and the same interface.

The Camera Connection Kit will start shipping late April with no specific date set. We assume that this also means it wont be available in store to purchase on the April 3 launch date.

We are not convinced yet that the two connectors are worth the $29 price tag considering there are ways to get pictures to the iPad through other methods. No doubt it will sell though as all things Apple seem to do.

Via: iLounge


  1. If you update the software the comes with the iPad the Apple camera connectors will no loner work due to a power issue. Apple has no solution to this problem

  2. Apple is aware of this problem

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