Apple iPhone OS 3.1.3 gets new Jailbreak – Spirit on it’s Way

Just a few days ago Geohot showed a video of an iPod Touch running OS 3.1.3 being jailbreaked. Not only was the jailbreak successful, it also didn’t come with the requirement that the iPhone, iPod (or even iPad) be tethered to a computer to run.

We have just found out about a new jailbreak this time from hacker Comex who has created a jailbreak that works OTA. When launched it will require you visit a website where you can then apply the jailbreak on to your 3.1.3 OS iPhone or other Apple device that runs the OS.

Although neither Geohot or Comex have released their jailbreak software yet, it is expected that now two potential unlock systems are being worked on that each will probably/hopefully rush to getting theirs launched.

We hear that the untetherered jailbreaks also work for devices with the new boot rom which up till now was believed it couldn’t be done.

The image below shows the iPad running Cydia. Obviously it’s just a photoshopped image, but it does show that Comex is planning on this running on the Apple iPad when launched this weekend. Hopefully all Geohot and Comex are doing is waiting for the iPad launch to see if it works, and once confirmed they release the code. That’s what we hope for anyway! Check out the video below for a demonstration.

Via: SlashGear

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