Apple iPad has Ability to make Emergency Calls – Maybe

Since the SDK launched allowing developers to see what’s available in the Apple iPad a number of functions have been found. The latest finding indicates that emergency calls can be made from the device… how? we are not sure just yet.

The emergency call function was spotted when trying the passcode lock and entering the password incorrectly 5 times. On the fifth attempt it gives the option to make an emergency call.

The first thoughts I had which are in-line with many others is that it’s a simple mistake/bug that the Apple [AAPL] developers have left when modifying the iPhone OS.

The other reason could be that on 3G models, the function to make emergency calls could be in place. The Apple iPad has the necessary bits and pieces in place such as a 3G chip, speaker and microphone that make it totally and technically possible. Also 9to5Mac mentions “it may be related to FCC regulations that all wireless “phones” be able to make emergency calls, even if the phones aren’t currently active or even assigned a number.”

At a far stretch you could say that Apple might even allow the iPad make phone calls turning it in to a giant iPhone for the 3G model and giant iPod Touch for the wi-fi version… I doubt it though as it’s hard to imagine how stupid someone would look using it as their primary phone.

Via: Gumballtech

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