Apple iPad 3G Jailbreak

After being launched just a few hours, the Apple iPad 3G has been jailbroke. The iPad 3G jailbreak comes from MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team who managed to use spirit that jailbroke the iPad WiFi almost a month ago.

The image above shows the iPad 3G with the Cydia app which indicates the jailbreak was successful. Unfortunately the spirit jailbreak is not ready, but we expect that it isn’t to far away from being launched, so get preparing now.

One thing that is recommended is grabbing the SHSH Blobs for which ever device you have so that you have a backup of the signature just in case you need to restore the firmware.

For now though it’s really just a waiting game. George Hotz is also working on a jailbreak called Limera1n but there is also no release date for this jailbreak either.

The video below shows the iPad 3G being jailbroke and also shows Cydia being loaded up. Check it out now…

Via: Redmondpie


  1. Harry Hilders says

    Looks good, I’m wondering if it will work as good as the jailbreak on my Iphone.

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