Apple Looking for iOS Photography Engineer for iPad and Mac

Apple has posted a new job listing requesting for an iOS Photography Software Engineer to join the team. The job description explains that the person will be responsible for creating software for the iPad and Mac platforms in the area of Photography. It hints at iPhoto and Aperture on the Mac platform which in turn, could be ported over to the iPad in some shape or form.

Strong skills in HTML5 and CSS are also requested which also hints at some sort of web based service for photos. In iOS 4.3, some have noted that a photo stream feature has been referenced in the Beta versions which in turn, hint that some sort of service that pulls down pictures from the web to the iPad could be a possibility.

Apple will more than likely add cameras to the iPad 2, and if so, this job role could see the person working closely with that team to develop software for the iPad that handles photo edits and other tasks that would be welcomed to the platform.

The job opening is listed over here.

Via: Apple Insider

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