Apple iOS 4.1 Released to Developers

Apple [AAPL] has pushed out iOS 4.1 to developers. The new update includes the fix for the signal reporting problems that the iPhone 4 has. Something to note here is that it doesn’t fix the antenna problems, but instead just fixes the signal bars so that they represent the actual signal better.

We are not part of the developer program, so do not have the download yet to install, but Mobile Crunch does and has made a video showing that the signal still drops when touching the bottom left of the iPhone 4’s antennae as seen below.

Gizmodo has put together a quick image showing the old vs new bar size as Apple has increased the size of the smaller of the 5 signal bars to make them easier to see. Image also below. Again, this is just a cosmetic type fix to help you see how good or bad your signal is and doesn’t actually fix the signal issues (that is assuming you get problems with the antenna which not all people do).

Regarding the final iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 update, it isn’t clear when the final build will be launched but we suspect within the next couple of weeks. On a side note, it will be interesting to see if the iPhone Dev team can still jailbreak and unlock the new iOS 4.1. I am sure they already are testing, if not actually have jailbroke and unlocked it already.

All eyes are looking at Apple at the moment and the press conference to let us know what’s going on. We’ll have all the details as soon as they are announced.

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