iPhone 4 Unlock Getting Closer

We have heard quite a bit about an iPhone 4 jailbreak. We hear that one has successfully been made and that the team are just waiting for Apple [AAPL] to release the next firmware update due out any time now.

Jailbreaking the iPhone 4 is only part of the story for some users though as some people also want to unlock their iPhone 4 so they can use it on other carriers.

Thankfully an unlock for the iPhone 4 has been made by iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing. The iPhone 4 unlock is being teased with just the image above and a video below showing it working on the Bell network in Canada. Some users will point out that AT&T locked iPhones already can roam Bell and this is correct. However, with the information coming from planetbeing, it is likely to be correct.

In the video below planetbeing does confirm that the unlock is very messy at the moment and needs a lot of tidying up. However, it still works according to him and we should see a cleaned up quicker version of the unlock arrive soon once the iPhone Dev Team decide the best method to unlock the new device.

The video below gives a quick rundown of the progress as well as shows a couple of sample calls being made…

Via: Redmond Pie

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