Apple iOS 4 Jailbreak for 3GS Already Complete

Yesterday Apple [AAPL] released the renamed iOS 4 GM (formerly iPhone OS 4.0) to developers. After only a day a developer has managed to create PwnageTool bundles for the iPhone 3GS iOS 4 GM download allowing users to jailbreak their iPhone 3GS whilst preserving the baseband so that the device can be unlocked.

If you are an advanced iPhone user then you might want to go ahead now and apply the iOS 4 GM jailbreak although we recommend just hanging on a bit longer as the iPhone Dev Team have promised a jailbreak and unlock this month for iOS 4.

However, if you still want to take a sneak peak then check out the file which can be found over here. We expect to hear a lot more on iPhone 4 jailbreaking and unlocking over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

For now, take a look at the video demonstrating what can be done with the tool.

Via: Redmondpie

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