Apple Event Coming Mid September

Apple [AAPL] will be holding an annual event mid-September according to AllThingsD.

This particular event has been held every year since 2005 and is expected to run next month. Items expected to be announced are the new iPod touch 4 with the Retina Display and the dual cameras for FaceTime. There is also the possibility that the iPod touch could get the A4 processor like the iPhone 4 currently has. With the higher resolution screen being mentioned, we suspect that the innards will also get spruced up a little.

Another rumour mentioned includes Apple TV and we might hear which direction Apple is going with Apple TV.

Something not mentioned at AllThingsD is iOS 4 for the iPad. We don’t have an iPad iOS 4 release date yet and all we know is that it will be landing in the fall of this year, which is right around the time this Apple event might happen. If it hasn’t appeared by that time, we hope an announcement along with a date will follow soon after.

iTunes cloud is also expected to be mentioned although this rumour keeps surfacing with not much about it at the moment.

We’ll keep our eyes open on this one and let you know what happens.


  1. Does Apple will still make their products smaller with this release, I expect the nano and shuffle to be half the size and double the memory and battery capacity. That would be “magical” as iPod nano 5th have done at apple’s September 9, 2009 event (via ifunia ipod column).

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