Apple Buys their Own Maps Company

iphone-mapsApple has bought a mapping service company named Placebase. This might not seem too interesting, but the thing is that Google currently provides mapping services for Apple and now that Apple own Placebase, it could mean bye bye to Google Maps on the iPhone.

There could be a few reasons for Apple making this move and more than likely it is to be less dependant on Google then they have been in the past. PlaceBase allows a lot of customisation and a lot of ways to layer multiple kinds of data sets on to maps. This all can be done through an API which could mean developers have some powerful mapping tools in their hands.

It will be interesting to see if Apple roll out the new mapping services in an upcoming firmware update. My guess is that it will be coming soon as I am sure Apple wont be letting PlaceBase gather dust by doing nothing.

Via: CW and Giz

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