Apple Blocks iPhone 4 Jailbreak in Stores

Earlier this week the iPhone 4 jailbreak was released. The new jailbreak for iPhone doesn’t require that you tether your phone to your computer to run it. Instead, you just load up a website in Safari on the iPhone and slide a button that jailbreaks the iPhone from the browser (thanks to a PDF exploit).

To show how easy it is to perform the jailbreak, someone managed to capture a video of himself jailbreaking an iPhone 4 demo model in an Apple [AAPL] store.

Apple has of course responded by blocking and redirecting all traffic to to the Apple store for the demo units in stores. Essentially you wont be able to jailbreak a demo iPhone 4 in store unless Comex opens up another site sneakily that isn’t blocked. We can’t see that happening too quick though and really, there isn’t much point now that it has been proved it can be done.

CultofMac ask why it took so long with iOS 1.1.1 being jailbreakable on the same site in Mobile Safari since 2007. Either way, it is now blocked.


  1. Actually that isn’t fully true. If you were to jailbreak an idevice in the apple store you have to use a 3G device and turn off the wifi because that is what is blocking it

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