Angry Birds Downloaded 6.5 Million Times on Christmas Day

Rovio had an impressive Christmas day in terms of the Angry Birds bunch of games. The three games saw a total of 6.5 million downloads on Christmas day alone, many of which will likely to be related to people getting new iOS and Android devices for Christmas.

The three Angry Birds games include Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio of which there are paid and free variations. It isn’t clear what the percentage split of free vs paid was on the day, but some users might convert to paid at a later date and others might end up buying different versions. Either way, Rovio did extremely well that day.

Christmas 2010 saw two million downloads on all platforms which shows how popular the game has become since its launch just a few years ago.

Christmas 2011 set a number of new records with over 6 million Android and iOS devices activated over a period of a couple of days as well as estimates of 1.2 billion apps being downloaded over the course of the Christmas week from Dec 25 to Dec 31.


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