1.2 Billion iOS and Android Apps Downloaded Last Week of 2011

Over the last week of 2011 (December 25 to December 31), there were more downloads made than ever before by iOS and Android users. The stats company Flurry has reported that 1.2 billion apps were downloaded through that week.

Flurry captures its data from over 140,000 apps that are installed on the majority of iOS and Android devices. By having that many apps utilise the data the company is able to detect over 90% of device activations and track down and estimate app downloads in general. Of course, there are more than 140,000 apps between the Android Market and Apple App Store which means that Flurry needs to use external data to estimate downloads. Either way, the numbers are more accurate than what can be got from other means other than direct from Apple and Google.

The numbers on the chart above show a 60% increase in downloads over the final week of the year. The chart below represents how much each country accounts for the 1.2 billion app downloads that week. Note that the US is far higher than China and the UK which slide in just below 100 million.

For more data and analysis on those numbers, take a look at the Flurry blog.

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