Android’s Angry Birds Delayed

As reported by Techradar about a month ago, iPhone’s smash hit Angry birds which has seen immense popularity amongst iPhone users for its relative ease, skill level and design features, was scheduled for release on Android phones so that even Android users can get to have a play too… But unfortunately not just yet it seems.

According to Rovio, who ‘nailed it’ when Angry Birds first arrived on the scene, it now looks as though Android owners will have a little while longer to gloat for the time being at least, as the full version of Angry Birds is still in development and it could be a further week or so before this little delight lands firmly onto Android’s app market.

But what will be a nice surprise though is that it seems like Rovio maybe bringing the app to newer Blackberries in the near future. This was in response to a separate tweet concerning any information on Angry Birds ever gracing the Blackberry any time soon.

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