Android SwiftKey App Helps you Type Faster on a Virtual Keyboard

SwiftKey is a new app for Android based smartphones that allows users to type faster on a virtual keyboard.

The application improves on the standard Google [GOOG] keyboard that you see on Android based smartphones. It comes with a predictive text feature that is described as being impressively accurate (we’ll need to test to confirm that).

The application is available now to download direct from the Android Market.

When using the application is “learns” how you construct messages such as text and emails and then adjusts to predict what it thinks you will type next.

If you have a chance to test it, let us know how it goes as it does look like a good alternative. Another alternative is Swype although that software keyboard is often in Beta and downloads are usually limited. The Swype virtual keyboard for Android lets you draw between the letters on the keyboard to enter text. By drawing out the word, ie, connecting the right letters together to form the word, it also allows for fast text entry on a virtual keyboard.

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