Swype to Arrive on 50 Smartphones This Year

Swype is an alternate text entry system for mobile phones. The system works by you sliding your finger across a virtual keyboard to spell words. The company claim it is far quicker to do text entry with Swype than it is with a standard virtual keyboard.

We now hear that the company expect to see Swype on 50 smartphones by the end of 2010 with about 90% of those being powered by the Google [GOOG] operating system called Android.

Earlier reports today indicated that Swype was on it’s way to the Apple [AAPL] iPhone although this isn’t happening just yet and it isn’t clear if Apple would approve such software as it replaces one of the main features of the device.

The Swype software has been available on phones such as the T-Mobile G1 as a beta test and will be moving to the Droid X announced yesterday along with a good number of other phones.

The software it’s self took 8 years to develop and was created by the same guy who also created the T9 text input system on older mobile phones.

A full list of Swype enabled devices isn’t available yet, but we should start to see more devices using the software this year.

Via: Reuters

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