Android Market has 70,000 Apps – Not 100,000

Androidlib collects data about the Android Marketplace and recently indicated that the total number of available apps was to reach 100,000 this month. This number is actually an overestimate as Google [GOOG] has officially announced in their Q2 earnings call that the number is actually 70,000.

Although the estimates were 30,000 over the actual 70K is still quite an achievement and puts the numbers just a month or two behind if the growth rate shown on Androidlib is correct.

70,000 apps is still quite a way behind the 225,000 apps that Apple [AAPL] has in the app store.

Another interesting number announced revealed that Google sees 160,000 new Android smartphones activated per day which indicates the kind of success and impact that Android is having in the smartphone arena.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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