Google Android Gingerbread to get a more Friendly UI

Google [GOOG] is working on it’s next version of Android which has been codenamed Gingerbread. We are not sure what version number it will have, ie Android 2.3 or Android 3.0, but what we do hear is that Google will be stopping manufacturers from layering their own UI’s over the top. Layered UI’s include HTC Sense UI, MotoBlur and other similar custom UI’s that get created.

Instead, Google’s main focus for Android Gingerbread is to get a UI to the same level as iOS 4. It isn’t clear if Google will actually put a stop to custom UI’s or if they hope to achieve a good enough UI that manufacturers don’t see the need to do their own.

Google has put all the main features it wants in Android and is believed to be slowing down Android development now to prevent further fragmentation. Now that the features are in place it makes sense for Google to focus on the UI as it does slightly lack behind iPhone and the iPad in that some transitions are just not as smooth as those devices.

Hopefully we’ll get some sort of official announcement from Google regarding Gingerbread unless the follow the same pattern as Android 2.2 and don’t reveal anything till an official announcement.

Via: TechCrunch

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